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Christyna Jauffret from the island of Mauritius

October 7, 2009

When I contacted Pascal to set up our meeting on the island of Mauritius, he suggested that I also meet his cousin Tyna.  And what a fabulous idea that was!  Tyna’s work representsInspiration surrounds her through every window the spirituality of the island.  I was most impressed with her personal sense of spirit though.  She has an overwhelming appreciation for the universe and the gifts it provides.  Which is something I can truly relate to…especially since I’ve completely absorbed myself in my own spiritual journey here with Travel Gal.

She also introduced me to her concept of a “soul’s vacation”.  She told me that her soul sent her to Cambodia for a two month visit to work with students there.  Her first challenge upon arriving was to figure out a way to communicate with these kids.  So she hired a translator and showed up with a list of key words she needed.  Utilizing only these few words, she figured out how to communicate her messages and inspire these kids to create.

The art created from these workshops was featured in an exhibition.  Most families in Cambodia survive on only $200 a month, but these kids sold their work for $200 a piece!  Many of the kids also received scholarships to go to art school based on the success of the show.  All of this happened due to Tyna’s soul being on vacation.

When Tyna initially told her family that her “soul” needed a vacation, her father was not too supportive of the concept.  But after she returned to the island, she received a letter of appreciation from the King of Cambodia for her work, and her father couldn’t help but be impressed.  She told him, “See what happens when your soul goes on vacation?”

Tyna also took a trip to Peshwar to work with a group of male Afghan artists.  Peshwar is the border town between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  It houses the largest refugee camp in the world since the Russian war.  This was an incredibly challenging trip because only certain things were allowed to be featured in their art work.  She inspired these artists to create new art when she noticed the beautiful stories told through the designs on their rugs.  The cultural symbols woven into each rug became the base of a new series of paintings.

Tyan’s stories were amazing, and I just love how she’s taken her artistic gift and used it to inspire creativity in others.  Her work is powerful as you will see in her gallery.  Enjoy!I love experiencing an artist's studio

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