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Ada Colorina In Chicago!

October 19, 2012

It was almost too good to be true when I opened the email from Ada.

“I think I’m coming to Chicago but I not sure.”


“Not sure about the money.”

“Well, say no more.  Te puedes quedar en mi casa. No le costará nada. (translation…I hope :):  You can stay at my house.  It will cost you nothing!”


A cloudy day in Chicago…but that didn’t dampen our spirits!

And so she came.

Ada was actually the first artist I met when Travel Gal was just a seed about the break through.  I was celebrating the holidays in Puerto Vallarta with some good friends in ’08.  I knew when I returned from that vacation I would be resigning from my job to take a well needed break from the corporate gig that had consumed 10+ years of my life.  I wanted to create a business that allowed me to dive into my passion for art, travel and explorations of different cultures around the world.  I knew it would be important to find artists that shared their personal experiences of the culture that surrounded them through their work.   Ada’s colorful work embodies this spirit.


Image (Top Picture) Ada with Alberto Foncerrada from the Consulate General of Mexico enjoying her work
(Bottom Picture) Ada with her new friend Jim, at the Travel Gal Exhibition at the Bamboo Lounge

So here we were…3 years later and Ada was now coming to my home town to share her work at a series of events created by the Sister Cities Foundation and her representing gallery “The Genius of Paco” in Puerto Vallarta.  The week started with an exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Fine Art in Pilsen, continued with the Sister Cities Gourmet Gala in Highland Park and ended with the very first Travel Gal exhibition presented at the Bamboo Lounge in Wicker Park.

Now, even though all these events were amazing!  The most special part of the week was hosting Ada in my home.  Before she came to Chicago, we were friends.  But now, she is part of my family.  We shared family meals, sat in the front room and built puzzles with my 2 year old daughter Olivia, visited my parents home, sampled gourmet hot dogs at Dawgs N’ Franks on Clybourn Ave. and met all kinds of new people linked together by a deep passion for Puerto Vallarta.  And of course, I couldn’t let her leave without a personal tour of the city.


Ada and my family enjoying the BEAN…

When I first met Ada, it was a dream to work with her but hard to convey exactly what I had in mind due to my lack of ability in Spanish.  But now, her English has drastically improved…and my Spanish is probably about as good as my 2 yr. old’s English.  🙂  But that’s an improvement.  What was a dream 3 years ago is finally started to take shape.  We were able to sell 3 of Ada’s paintings at our show.  I still have 10 paintings here in Chicago to sell and so I am sharing them with you here.  Take a look and please do let me know if you’re interested in learning more.  We are also currently developing a Travel Gal Adventure to work with Ada in Puerto Vallarta so keep a look out for updates on that.

And, if you’re interested in coming on a Travel Gal Adventure next Spring…come join me in Grand Cayman.  I’m just finalizing all the details of that trip now and we should be ready to sell the packages in 2 weeks.  EXCITING TRAVEL GAL TIMES…yes, indeed.


Paradiso Terrenal :  For sale at


La Cocina de la Abuela : For sale @


Dia Soleado :  SOLD


Calaverita de Frida – For Sale @

Want to see more…send me a note through WordPress with your email, and I’ll be in touch!!!

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