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Book Your Spot Today – Explore Grand Cayman Like Never Before

December 1, 2012

Island Life….ahhhhh….

Explore Art and Culture in Grand Cayman:

March 23-30, 2013

I’m so proud to launch the first Travel Gal Adventure on the island of Grand Cayman. We are officially live and accepting reservations at

Primary School Folk Singers

Come join me in Grand Cayman. I stand behind the experience I’ve built. I’ve been a travel enthusiast since I was 12. Yes..that was a while ago. But let’s not get stuck on that.

Over the years, I’ve discovered what fuels my passion for travel. It’s the real moments I’ve been able to share with locals like:

  • My 5am solo mission to get our rental car out of the parking lot in Granada, Spain. After having to break into the lot (it wasn’t officially open yet), I discovered the ticket machine was broken. Believe it or not, I successfully explained to the attendant, using only hand gestures and facial expressions, that I needed to make change to use the machine.
  • Stumbling into Charles Square in Prague only to discover a massive viewing party of the World Hockey Championships was about to launch and grabbing a prime seat surrounded by Czechs ready to party. (Oh and they won!)
  • And let’s not forget my encounter with the Gibraltar apes (If you don’t know, just ask).

So this trip to Grand Cayman was built around my true passion for travel; Real moments with Real People ( or apes). Of course, to make this even juicier, the people I’m referring to just so happen to be the island’s most premiere artists, Gordon & Alta Solomon, Randy Chollette and Nasaria Suckoo Chollette. And wouldn’t you know that when I met them, they were already dreaming up ways to share their culture and heritage.

Randy in his Studio…yes, you’ll be there too.

The way I see it, the package I built is just the foundation. A starting point for us to continue building. It’s going to be a totally unique, cultural immersion experience. And together, we’ll make it what it will be. I’m excited to share this experience with you. So let’s get it booked so we can all post this on our calendars and have something to look forward to to kick off Spring ’13!!

My hopes for this trip:

  • A group of curious explorers sign up – I’m really looking for 8 lively people willing to play and learn
  • We all go into the experience with open minds ready to catch whatever unexpected delights come our way
  • My amazingly talented artists get to share a part of themselves and their talents beyond what they’ve experienced before
  • Meaningful exchanges develop new lifelong friendships and lasting memories are created
  • My sides and cheeks ache from laughing too hard for too long
  • New perspectives are embraced and shared with others back home

Travel Details and Booking Information Here!

Or download the PDF here: travel_gal_grand_cayman

I’ll be posting more tidbits on this trip over the next few weeks. If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m committed to doing anything I can to make this trip an experience of a lifetime for you.

Let’s travel!! The island is waiting.


Do you hear the call of the Conch?

Do you hear the call of the Conch?

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