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Meet My New Friends, Grand Cayman artists Gordon & Alta Solomon

November 9, 2012

I can feel Gordon Solomon’s creative spirit right through this photo

My inspiration for painting isn’t outside of me, it’s given from spirit.  I see myself no different from anyone else, I just maximize my gift. I am blessed to have the talent to paint, create and inspire; my paintings come from my heart, my spirit.  Subject matter isn’t restricted to any one thing, which I feel my paintings can appeal to many and I hope that those who view them learn something, that my art evokes a feeling or thoughts because I want to motivate and nourish others talents and spirit as well. Encourage dialogue; see, appreciate and expand their creativity, because being able to brings fulfillment in my life.  Cayman’s culture is my inspiration, all relevant history & traditions, our spirituality. I want to give people these things when I paint, just as I have been given them.

Some of Gordon’s artistic accomplishments include:

  • In early 1999, Gordon had his first exhibition with the Caymanian Art organization, “Native Son’s”
  • A few months later, The National Gallery, Grand Cayman challenged Gordon to design the exterior of a vehicle during the annual “Cayfest” art exhibition. Gordon’s painting was hailed as “magnificent” and “a masterpiece” by onlookers. The car has since been on display at various functions for the National Gallery and the annual festival.
  • At the beginning of 2002 Gordon was employed with the Cayman islands Marine Institute as their Art instructor. It was while he was at the Institute Gordon took on the monumental task of illustrating the past and “present” history of the Cayman Islands on the walls of the school, and with the assistance of his students it was completed in 4 months.
  • December of 2002 brought with it one of Gordon’s greatest accomplishments to date as he was named recipient of The Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s “ Artistic Endeavour Award”, being honoured with demonstrating great potential in his field of art.
  • At the beginning of 2003 Gordon was commissioned to paint a mural on the outer wall of the Martins Creative Empowerment youth Centre. Gordon has also created murals on “The Mango Tree restaurant”, “The Globe Bar”, The Macro Matrix”, “The SDA Church in Newlands”, and several private commissioned murals within homes.
  • During 2003 Gordon spent six months developing his skills in fine arts at the University of Superior Art in Cuba.
  • The Westin Casuarina Hotel was home to Gordon’s acclaimed solo exhibition in September 2005. He also exhibited in the Cayman Islands Museum, The Visual Arts Society, Art@theGovernors and the McCoy Prize competition.
  • June 2012, Gordon was honored with the Ogier Art Award, 2nd place recipient

Gordon has undoubtedly made an impressive move into the world of fine art, and has firmly established his artistic roots in its core.


A joy of life seems to radiate from Alta.


Like many artists, Alta Solomon discovered her talent through personal exploration and the need to “escape” as a teenager. Born in Cayman Brac and the youngest of five girls, she grew up enjoying the beauty and solitude of the Sister Islands with family ties to both the Brac and Little Cayman.

Her childhood was spent working in the family business, as part of a team who had high expectations and little time for creative pursuits.  But it was this discipline and sense of belonging that seeded a true appreciation for her island home and the desire to “enjoy my islands to the fullest”.

It was a birthday present, received in her early teens that opened a new sense of awareness and wonder through the eye of the camera lenses. Capturing images of friends, family and the natural beauty of the Brac, provided a new outlook on life and became a passion that grew over the years.

Artistic expression has always been a part of Alta’s life, whether it was painting & pencil drawing during her school years, or being part a musical trio in the Cayman Brac high school band. This love for the Arts was re-ignited after Alta met her husband Gordon following a move to Grand Cayman in 1988, who gifted her with a camera to celebrate their first celebration together of her birthday.

Today, while working as Coordinator of the National Council of Voluntary Organizations, she balances her professional obligations with the personal commitments as a mother of two, while still nurturing her “3rd child” and favorite pastime: Photography, along with cooking sweet Caymanian treats, writing poetry and singing with her artist/musician husband Gordon.

In the ensuing years, she began to make her way into the art scene through photography, crafts, song and poetry. Exhibiting when and where ever she could, Alta has continued to grow as an artist embracing new opportunities for artistic expression and enjoying the “exciting & rewarding effort to be apart of our countries artistic heritage”.

Some of her photography exhibitions have included:

  • McCoy Prize –Fine art Photography/Fine art Craft
  • Art @ the Governors, Grand Cayman – Craft
  • The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands “Portrait of an Artist” & “Body Talk” – Photography
  • Broadway Gallery – NY NY – “Caymanian in NY” –Photography (Joint Exhibit with Gordon Solomon)
  • Full of Beans, Georgetown, Grand Cayman– “The Painter Muse” – Poetry (joint exhibit with Gordon Solomon)
  • Ritz Carlton Gallery, Grand Cayman – Photography “Couples
  • Arteccentrix fine art gallery – “Sweet Life” (Joint Exhibit with Gordon Solomon)

    Until Infinity – Gordon Solomon

Children of The Day – Gordon Solomon

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